116 Clique Compilation

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Track Listing: 
1. 116 Intro
2. In Ya Hood
3. Church Boyz
4. Fanatics
5. Trip Lee
6. Stand, Walk, Dance
7. Love Song
8. Hurr They Come
9. Breathe In Breath Out
10. Impresses Interlude
11. Impressed
12. Act Out
13. I See The Lord
14. Streets
15. Stand Up
16. Kingdom People

"A Classic!" One of the most popular albums from Reach. This CD established the anthem of the unashamed lifestyle that describes the members of the 116 Clique. And we aren't just talking about a group of artists! Souled out christians all over the globe are joining the 116 Clique to let others know we don't have to be ashamed to represent our Lord, and we want YOU to be a part of it!

Featuring instant classics like "In Ya Hood" and "Fanatics", this CD will encourage you to be a bold example of living like Christ in culture that needs Him. Lecrae, Tedashii, Trip Lee, Sho, Json andThi'sl bring the heat on 16 incredible tracks (plus a hidden bonus). Get yours now!