Sho Baraka 'Turn My Life Up'

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Track Listing:
1. Turn My Life Up
2. Interlude: The Calling
3. Music of Life
4. Overrated
5. Rebuild The City ft Cam
6. Maranatha ft Tedashii & Json
7. Saint ft Cam & Dillon Chase
8. Great Day II Die ft Dillavou
9. Catch Me at the Brook ft Lecrae
10. Higher Love
11. Slow it Down (simplify your life) ft Trip Lee
12. Oh My Lord ft Mitchell Moore & Rick Trotter
13. Love of My Life
14. 100
15. GOD is Like/Who is Like GOD ft Amen, Cheeks, James Roberson, Joe Surkamer, and Dhati Lewis
16. Rescue Me/You are My Everything ft Keynon Akers


The debut album from Sho Baraka! Turn My Life Up challenges all of us to do just that. If we say we follow the true King, then our life should reflect service to him. Through insightful lyrics and brutal honesty, Sho Baraka gives us a glimpse into his own life and walk with the Lord while encouraging everyone to turn their lives up. Featuring a diverse blend of hip hop. You'll find concert bangers on here, laid back tunes, east coast heat, and west coast style. Sho doesn't disappoint delivering a creative, engaging debut with help from features by Tedashii, Trip Lee, and others. If you want to be challenged in your thinking, challenged in your artistic perspective, and encouraged in your walk with the Lord, then don't hesitate to pick up a copy of Turn My Life Up.