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Trip Lee '20/20'
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    Track Listing:
    1. 20/20 Intro
    2. Superstar (Eyes Off Me)
    3. Real Vision
    4. Inexhaustible
    5. Who Is Like Him?
    6. We Told Em
    7. Cling To You
    8. Relief
    9. Behold the Spirit
    10. Satisfaction (Hedonist)
    11. Come Close
    12. Who He Is
    13. Intimacy
    14. True Security
    15. Eyes Open
    16. Hip Hop

    Vision has many dynamics. Vision gives us the capability to see objects. It can help guide a lost man down unfamiliar surroundings. It can even turn a blank canvas into a masterpiece. The Scriptures communicate that 'Without vision, people perish'. Any sensible human can comprehend how vision is important. As inhabitants of earth how do we envision life? As people, we are all responsible to see life through the proper perspective. But first we must see our Creator for who He is.

    With his sophomore project 20/20, not only does Trip Lee challenge all listeners to evaluate every area of life through the lens of Scripture, but also desires for the listener to have a proper view of God and how they are to relate to Him. Trip set out to encourage seekers, as well children of the King, to see God as He has revealed Himself. In Christian hip hop it is easy to merely focus on the horizontal necessities of the faith. Trip Lee urges us not to forsake the importance of our vertical understanding and worship of Jehovah. The album 20/20 showcases a more diverse sound from a more mature artist. While serving at a local church and attending Bible college in Philadelphia, Trip has been challenged, not only in his personal growth, but also in his contribution to the growth of others. A southern swagger and love for the East Coast sound brings a unique stylistic mixture and the album satisfies a diverse blend of musical tastes.

    20/20 offers the listener everything from southern bass to live instrumentation. There are feature guest appearances from all Reach artists (Lecrae, Tedashii, and Sho Baraka). Flame, JR, Diamone, Cam and shai linne also lend their giftings to his sophomore project. Production credits range from Joe Prielozny (notable Amped Producer), veterans DJ Official and Tony Stone, to promising newcomer G Styles. 20/20 provides the fan with 15 tracks of non-stop banging exaltation. Music can easily deceive the listener with aspirations of shallow and futile desires. But Trip's primary goal is for the listener to fall more in love with God. Once we have an accurate view of God the Father, Christ the Son and the Holy Spirit, then we can begin intimacy with Him. Trip Lee's prayer is that through the album listeners will be introduced to Christ Jesus and His people will rejoice and reflect on His goodness.

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