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Trip Lee 'Between Two Worlds'
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  • All orders come with an immediate download of the album in high quality 320kbps MP3 format. Downloads are delivered in .zip archived format.

    Digital Deluxe Version includes the full MP3 album, plus MP3s of instrumental and acapella versions of each track!

       • NOTE! : acapella and instrumental versions of No Worries (remix) and The Invasion (Hero) (remix) are not included with the deluxe version since they are unavailable.

    Track Listing:
    01. Real Life Music
    02. Snitch
    03. Invade ft. J. Paul
    04. Prognosis
    05. No Worries
    06. Covenant Eyes ft. PRo
    07. Life 101 ft. Chris Lee
    08. I Love Music ft. Sho Baraka
    09. Limitations ft. Leah Smith
    10. Yours To Own ft. Jimmy Needham
    11. Apathy (Interlude)
    12. Twisted ft. Lecrae, PRo, Thi'sl
    13. Bear With You ft. Tedashii
    14. Show's Over ft. Mitch Parks
    15. The Invasion (Hero) ft. Jai
    16. My Lord (Bonus Track)
    17. No Worries (Remix) ft. Lecrae and FLAME (Bonus Track)
    18. The Invasion (Hero) (Remix) ft. Jai, Tedashii, Mac the Doulos, Stephen the Levite, Brenden McPeek, J.R. (Bonus Track)

    Vinyl version Track Listing:
    -Side A -
    1. No Worries
    2. Bear With You ft. Tedashii
    3. The Invasion (Hero) ft. Jai
    4. Invade ft. J.Paul
    - Side B -
    1. No Worries instrumental
    2. Bear With You instrumental
    3. The Invasion (Hero) instrumental
    4. Invade instrumental

    • 1st pressing on translucent purple vinyl colorway, limited to 500 copies

    Trip Lee finds himself in an often difficult, but ultimately promising state--destined for eternal life, yet tasked to navigate through this one. His third album, “Between Two Worlds” offers listeners a collection of personal reflections that echo the joys and struggles we all experience as believers. The opening track title, “Real Life Music,” summarizes what to expect from Trip’s latest project. 

    While 20/20 was devoted to helping people see God properly, “B2W” is devoted to helping people see life in a broken world properly (the way God sees it). Trip reflects on human limitations, friendships, even music--all from a biblical worldview. His intentions are to celebrate the good things, be real about the difficult things, and look hopefully towards the solution. 

    Sonically, “B2W” is a seamless mesh of strings, wind instruments, and eclectic beats. With production from J.R., DJ Official, Alex Medina, and other notable producers; and features with his Reach label mates, along with Jimmy Needham, Jai, and others; listeners can expect their ears to be engaged from beginning to end.

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